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If you have found this website you have been guided here in divine time. My hope is that my book can assist you on your journey called life. I wrote and published my book to help others understand the twin flame phenomenon. The twin flame journey is not an easy journey to be on however I am confident that my story will help you ascend on your own life path regardless of your situation. Throughout my story I give you an in depth view of what I was experiencing step by step.
Mya Soul
Igniting the Flame Within by Maya Soul

Igniting the Flame Within

 If you are reading this right now you have been guided here by a higher power for a reason. Nothing in life is a coincidence. Now I must warn you, this is a love story told like no other. This is not just a love story to finding your soulmate or twin flame, but the path back to finding yourself and the love within.

The truth is, if you can’t love yourself, who can love you in the way that you deserve to be loved? This is my personal diary as to how my entire life changed with a thirty-second hug. 

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