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This Crazy Twin Flame Thing

This Crazy Twin Flame Thing

When I first made this connection I felt as if I had been cursed. I wasn’t looking for my soulmate I thought I was already married to my soulmate. I wasn’t looking for a Twin Flame I had never even heard of a twin flame.

Before I made this connection I didn’t even know what a chakra was, I have learned so much through this process.  I now realize that this person came into my life as a catalyst to wake me up from the life I was living as I am destined for great things in this lifetime. All twin flames are a catalyst for soul growth and spiritual awakening. So you can call it a catalyst Twin Flame if you want but that’s what a real twin flame is you trigger the kundalini spiritual awakening when you connect. There are also no false twin flames, your twin flame is your twin flame and there is no mistaking this connection for anything else. You only have one twin flame. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter what the label is. It all comes down to unconditional love and finding the love within yourself.

This person who I hugged was burned into my mind, body and soul.  I was obsessively thinking about him 24/7, he was sending me visions through his eyes, the telepathy started instantly, I could feel his emotions, sexual energy included and I felt this love for him that I can’t even begin to explain or put into words.  It felt wrong to be obsessing over another man like this while I was married. I would have sex with my husband and be fantasizing about being with my twin flame. I felt as if I was cheating on my twin flame with my husband and not the other way around. I lost the love for my husband, I felt numb and no longer wanted to be with him. Your twin flame feels like home to you, you just want to be with them, touch them, hold them and never leave them. How could I explain this to my husband and not sound crazy? How could I explain this to anyone and not sound insane?

The only ones who will understand this crazy twin flame thing are those experiencing it for themselves. At first the connection feels like magic you are in that bubble love phase.  When you are with them in the physical world the obsessive thinking stops, time slips away from you and this connection just feels amazing. When there is no communication in the physical world that’s when all hell breaks loose.  The obsessive thinking begins again it’s a vicious cycle. All your inner shadows and childhood wounds come to surface. The twin flame journey is more about soul growth and ascension, than it is the romantic outcome.  Although, you feel the romantic connection on a level you can’t even put into words. You just want to be with this person because it feels so good.

The twin flame connection is a really rare thing. Most don’t have a twin flame, sometimes one twin flame stays in the astral planes and one is in the physical world. The connection can also be two souls in one body.  The most common connection seems to be one soul in two bodies. I wouldn’t wish this connection on anyone. Most people who reach out to me who really are on this twin flame path want to know how to cut the cords and walk away from the connection.

The truth is you are one soul you are connected through the chakra energy system in the body.  It would be like trying to cut off your arm you can’t cut the cords on this connection. You can however weaken the connection by pulling back your energy, grounding yourself, visualization/meditation techniques, connect with nature, throw rocks, live life in the moment, do things you enjoy doing, eat healthy, exercise and put the focus back on yourself.  The more you focus on you work on self-love, self-worth, self-discovery and healing the better you will feel.  We always have the control and power of our own body and mind.  It’s making that conscious effort to not obsess over them and take back the power and control of your own life. I write about how I did these things throughout my book to get me to where I am today.

I have learned so much since this connection was made between me and this other person.  I have made good choices and bad ones. My goal is to be a guiding light for others on this journey. I am not looking to get rich quick off this twin flame label.  I want to be that friend that I didn’t have supporting me through this for others. I reached out to so many twin flame specialists such as: tarot card readers, coaches, gurus, masters, guides, whatever they call themselves and wasted so much money along the way. My plan is to post free blogs to help others on their journey as to who helped me, what helped me and how to better understand and control the connection.

I already have a job that pays my bills I am a recreational therapist working in long term care. I do have a spiritual gift where I help the soul transition from life to death and I love what I do for work.  I have manifested my dream house into reality. I am living the dream and can teach you how to manifest your dreams into reality as well.

It was terrifying to publish my personal diary for the world to read.  I may sound crazy to most but it’s those who have experienced this first hand, those who are in the dark night of the soul, those who don’t know how to get their life back on track, those who think they have found their twin flame, those feeling lost and confused.

I have helped so many people world wide in such a short time with this crazy twin flame thing. To be honest it feels amazing to connect with so many people around the world who understand this.  There is so much information on the internet. It can be overwhelming and a lot of it is written by people who have not experienced this or gone through it themselves.  Many who call the self Twin Flame coaches and gurus are not they play on your vulnerability and the twin flame label to make money. They promise that your twin flame will come back if you surrender to the connection, focus on you, pull back your energy, ghost, block and ignore your twin flame.  The soul does not understand social media and there are also factors in the 3D world that can push them away and keep the two of you apart.  Maybe it was never in your soul contract for the two of you to be together romantically. Maybe the universe has bigger plans for you and is bringing you a soulmate.  If you love someone set them free if they come back it’s meant to be.

The masculine half of this connection does not understand the connection like you do.  The feminine half is the awaken one the conscious one who understands the connection.  The feminine is the one who receives the telepathy, energy and feels it on a conscious soul level.  The masculine feels it but is not aware to the connection like you are.  It feels more like a crush they have one someone. Don’t get me wrong you still invade their headspace but they don’t understand it.  So when you do explain this to them, if you try to explain this to them you may sound crazy and they might push you away. There are so many things looking back now that I would have changed. If I knew then what I know now. I would have done things completely differently.

Your soul made a contract before coming back into this physical world. The soul know what to do. Learn to trust your own intuition and that’s when you realize you hold all the answers within yourself.

Keep checking in for more blogs as my plan is to share all the things I learned through this journey for free.  If you want to repay me for my help reach out snd say hi. We can all use a friend on this journey. If you’re looking for clarity as to if you are on this twin flame journey or not I encourage you to read my book.  If you’re trapped in an abuse cycle or going through a spiritual awakening, I also have tips and tricks throughout my book to help you. Know that you are not alone through this and there are others world wide waking up.  You are not crazy it’s just a twin flame thing.